Under the Sea

Lyon, France

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As individuals constantly on a hunt to discover new things that provide us with a deeper understanding of the world, this book was remarkable. Ian’s reporting has truly awoken us to something we, as well as many others, were previously unaware of, and that was what really motivated us to get involved in the music project. Music is a form of entertainment but, above all, it serves to express ideas and feelings, giving even more urgency to these important issues. 


TRINIX is a band of French producers Josh Chergui and Loïs Serre that started in 2012. The two discovered a passion for music in childhood, when they practiced different instruments, including the piano, the drums and the guitar. Very quickly and naturally, they started creating their own music in their rooms. Today, the duo embodies the renewal of electronic music and shakes up the codes by blending all sorts of world music sonorities. The French youths also inspire respect for their work for their official remixes of the works of other artists — Fergie, Hyphen Hyphen and more recently, Lost Kings with their “Phone Down” single. Thanks to their cultural knowledge, their energy and their eclectic references, Josh and Loïs offer their audience various shows which are as lively as they are radiant. 

Followed and backed by influential YouTube channels like Chill Nation, Electro Posé and even MrSuicideSheep, and well-known artists such as The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix and R3HAB, TRINIX has secured maximal visibility and fidelity.