The Outlaw Ocean Music Project


Dresden, Germany

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

All of the abuse that happens on the ocean really moves me, but the story that stuck in my mind is that of the Adelaide. The ability for women to decide what happens to their body is a matter I hold close to my heart. Bringing women out into international waters and giving them the chance to have an abortion legally is a cause that resonates with me. This chapter left me questioning why a woman’s right to choose is not possible everywhere else in the world.

My intentions with my music are to capture the variety of complexity found at sea. Everything is in constant movement, and I can’t settle for one single sound that would play throughout the whole EP. I always want to broaden my musical horizons and saw a chance to try out something different compared to my previous work. I’m hoping to take the listener on the journey of The Outlaw Ocean and create scenery which supports the content of the book.

Based in Dresden, Germany, Marc aka Misc.Inc, is a lofi hip-hop artist and beat composer who started making his music in 2012. Influenced by producers like Tycho Sorrow and J Dilla, he created his own style of making music. Thinking about music as a form of expression, he combines soulful chords with organic sound design and rhythmic boom bap grooves to create stories and feelings for the listener.