Aquarius Heaven

Berlin, Germany

Ocean Outlaws


Behind the Music

Everyone loves some kind of music, or can appreciate its ability to serve as a bridge between cultures, languages and regions. In melding journalism with music, Ian is enabling this project and its message to reach a more diverse audience. Having the chance to weave a narrative as an artist, but also to ground it in reality through Ian’s extensive audio library and recordings from the field, made the journey of interpretation exciting and interesting. This project is paving a way for more and more people to become aware of the dangers faced when we don’t protect and maintain order in the oceans, and I’m honored to have my music be part of this effort.

Aquarius Heaven
About Aquarius Heaven

Growing up in Texas and the Caribbean, Brian Brewster became associated with music at a young age. Starting out as a reggae, dancehall and hip-hop singer, it wasn’t until he moved to Paris in 2005 that he would become connected with electronic music. After meeting dOP in the French capital, he began to spend a lot of time with the trio in the studio and, in 2010, Aquarius Heaven was born. The sound particularly interested Brian because there were fewer limitations in electronic music and it gave him room to experiment. He was able to push the boundaries of sound to create something outside of the box of the typical house and techno machine. Never forgetting about his roots in music, you can still hear the colors of the Caribbean in his vocals. 

After relocating to Berlin, his first track “Before U Go” was released on the Watergate 06 compilation mixed by dOP. Shortly after that, his debut full-length EP was released on Circus Company, titled “7 days.” The follow up to “7 days” on Wolf + Lamb even further catapulted him into the spotlight with a dark and sexy music video that created a lot of buzz in the music-blog world before the EP was even released. Since his quick rise in the ranks of the world of electronic music, Aquarius Heaven has collaborated with some of the best in the industry. He continues to build a strong body of work on some of the most well-known and respected labels.

The Journalism behind the Music

All music in this project is based on The Outlaw Ocean, a New York Times Best-Selling book by Ian Urbina that chronicles lawlessness at sea around the world. This reporting touches on a diversity of abuses ranging from illegal and overfishing, arms trafficking at sea, human slavery, gun running, intentional dumping, murder of stowaways, thievery of ships and other topics.

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