Hidden Costs

Ridgecrest, USA

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The case of a suffering fisherman, Lang Long, serves as just one example of what working conditions can be like at sea. Long’s determination to keep his family from going hungry is taken advantage of, resulting in him being enslaved for three years, sold between fishing boats and held in shackles with absolutely nowhere to run. It’s the bittersweet ending of his story that impacts me the most. While I am happy to learn that his case was taken up by the Thai court and those involved were held accountable, the compensation he received (450,000 baht, or $13,500) seems meaningless compared to what he suffered, like having to put a band-aid on a missing limb.

Reading The Outlaw Ocean is an emotionally diverse experience that left me with a tough decision to make regarding musical direction. I am struck by a sense of adventure, an awe-inspiring respect for the oceans and a deep admiration for those that work in demanding ship environments. But what ultimately inspires the majority of my production is the more somber and melancholy moments of abysmal working conditions, human rights violations and dire environmental impacts that threaten the oceans and life on the entire planet. It is a whirlwind journey that I hope to share with my listeners.


Vhscreal resides at the crossroads of electronic, jazz, hip-hop, funk, R&B and a number of other genres that make up the foundation of his influences. The diverse appeal of his catalog has led him to work with a range of labels like Chillhop Music, Renraku Global Media, Radio Juicy and Alpha Pup while gaining additional support from the artists and fans making up each scene. With a range of production skills that leave listeners with a variety of music to take in, he ties everything together with the common denominator of a style that’s exclusively his own.