Tom Doolie

Blue Law

Bavaria, Germany

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

As soon as Ian approached me about being part of this project, my mind was flooded with ideas and visuals I wanted to express in my music. As I was familiar with the topics of The Outlaw Ocean, I knew exactly what emotions I wanted to contribute to the project and the overall discussion. From those images and feelings seamlessly came “Blue Law” - an EP that depicts the hope that can be found amidst the lawlessness of a never-ending ocean. On top of trying to illustrate the harsh landscape of The Outlaw Ocean, I wanted to give a voice to the people imprisoned to the sea the same way Ian did through his reporting. For my music to be yet another vessel for the stories of the people in this book and associated with this project is incredibly moving and a privilege that is not lost on me.

Tom Doolie

Tom Doolie is a producer and multi-talented artist from Munich. For over a decade, Tom has released music and photography and collaborated with artists, brands and labels such as Chillhop Records, GKG Mastering, Cap Kendricks, DAO and Melting Pot Music. His range of genres brings a fusion of classic rap beats, lo-fi instrumentals and mellow trap. He combines modern drum techniques with sample sounds and 90s aesthetics.