En Eaux Troubles

Paris, France

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The Outlaw Ocean is such a unique book and the stories of all these characters are completely unprecedented. The ocean is like another world — frightening and wild — that no one really knows. Reading Ian’s reporting makes you realize the considerable risks taken by investigative journalists to the hidden stories and injustices of the world. It’s a powerful link from the source to the masses.

Similarly art has the capacity to to express thoughts, concerns and ideas in a way that makes people more conscious of important matters. When it came to my music, tension was the key word. My goal was to mix dark tones with a pinch of hope to convey how there’s always light, no matter the circumstances. Like journalism, music inspires reactions and this is what is needed to incite change. I hope people, especially those in politics, will take the opportunity to experience all aspects of The Outlaw Ocean Project and take action to help preserve our oceans.


STAL translates to “steel” in more than a few languages. Maulini has always shown an exceptional proclivity for music. This love and talent would first manifest itself in the form of A Red Season Shade, the post-rock outfit he formed with his brother. The band had an opportunity that would lead to Maulini connecting with local shoegaze legend, Anthony Gonzalez. The two grew close, and Gonzalez would eventually invite Maulini to be a touring member of his band, M83.

The next two years for Maulini would be spent touring the world, opening for acts like Kings of Leon and Midnight Juggernauts, or headlining their own international tours. Upon his return home, Maulini wanted to delve deeper into this new world of musical possibilities he had discovered. STAL has released an EP and debut LP, “Young Hearts.” The band has toured with acts like Nothing But Thieves and Matt and Kim. In 2016, he moved to Los Angeles.

His music would catch the attention of producer Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns, Mutemath, Night Riots). This collab gave birth to their new EP, “Fresh Blood,” released in early 2018. The five tracks on Fresh Blood converge with a message that life can be really tough, but in the darkness there’s always a light that guides you. His EP "Shades Of Truth" saw the light in early February 2020. Today, he shares his life between Paris and LA, writing music for films, advertisements and a personal discography with pop accents tinged with Californian sun.