Takatsu-ku, Japan

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The chapter “Sea Slavery” left me with a heavy heart as I learned about the silenced voices of abused humans that are abandoned at sea. The suffering endured by innocents like Lang Long at the hands of companies like Boonlarp was unthinkable. For that reason, I chose to channel the feelings evoked by this chapter into my music. I also attempt to draw parallels between the literal pollution of the ocean and the polluted morals of those who commit abuses under the protection of the murky legality of international waters.

In my music, I focus on creating a soundscape in which solemn, pained melodies are uttered against the absolute vastness and emptiness of the ocean. I try to juxtapose crashing waves with quiet notes, and booming beats against a whispering ocean landscape. I envision the ocean as a catalyst of inner truth, casting us back into the bodies of animals and forcing us, as humans, to confront the darkness within us.


Sleepdealer is a Californian lo-fi producer known for his dreamy melodies and night-time nods. His gritty and eclectic style of lo-fi hip-hop will leave you in a hypnotic state.