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Petey Mac

Peaceful Protest

Seattle, USA

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Everything about Sealand is so bizarre. I had no idea this micronation existed, and for this reason, the chapter about Sealand fascinates me the most. It’s amazing that no country has been able to take it by force, and that even though other nations do not recognize its sovereignty, it still holds some leverage. Like many other chapters, the one about Sealand brings to life the stark differences between land and sea, as I could not imagine Sealand being able to exist on land.

Darkness versus light appears to be a major theme in the book. There are so many incredibly inhumane and destructive things happening on the high seas that seem almost impossible to stop. But there are also organizations that battle these negative forces and achieve little victories along the way that protect our oceans and people from harm. I want my music to convey the tension between this darkness and light. I show a sense of darkness in the first track I wrote, called “Greenpeace,” in which I use a sample from the Greenpeace ship captain talking to another captain, asking him to stop the ship’s illegal activity at sea. To counter this darkness, the second track I wrote, “Peaceful Protest,” feels brighter and more hopeful. In this one, I take a sample from the captain of the Arctic Sunrise radioing with another ship’s captain about a peaceful protest to halt a destructive drilling operation. Hearing the captain say that they will stand their ground in peaceful protest gave me goosebumps and an overwhelming feeling of hope that their mission could be accomplished.

Petey Mac

Petey Mac is an Artist/DJ based in Seattle who has house music in his veins.

Since his start, he’s had the opportunity to perform at festivals like Deep Tropics and SXSW, and also has DJed all across the U.S. He has provided official remixes for Grammy Award winning artist Mr. Talkbox as well as trance legend Shane 54.

Petey Mac’s music has resonated on a global level, earning support from major dance music channels like Data Transmission, Billboard Radio and Triple J Radio. His latest single “Love Is The Answer” has received over 445,000 streams via Spotify and was featured on Spotify’s prestigious “Mint,” “Housewerk,” and “Dance Rising” editorial playlists.

Already earning the support of major outlets like Your EDM, EDM Sauce, DJ Mag and Billboard with his music, Petey Mac has amassed thousands of plays and more importantly, connected with fans he loves.

“Petey Mac is back with a new track ‘Don’t Trip’ and it is an absolute tech house heater. Don’t Trip” is a straight groove and house to the core. This is truly a song that highlights all of the best elements of house music and what makes it so infectious and groovy.” -Your EDM

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