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Gothenburg, Sweden

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

My song “Submarine” was inspired by “The Final Frontier” chapter in The Outlaw Ocean. It was crazy to learn about the battles that occur on land over the ocean. These battles between big companies and scientists and conservationists are intense because there is so much at stake based on the ruling of a court or government. I wanted to match that intensity with my song.

“The Final Frontier” chapter’s story about Greenpeace’s fight against seafloor trawlers also hit close to home for me—literally. Since I’m from Sweden, I felt encouraged learning that the Swedish courts rejected legal claims from fishermen that Greenpeace’s actions were illegal. I am proud that our country has a forward-thinking view when it comes to climate change and combating all its root causes.

It was through the use of a submarine that Ian and others got to visit these voids in person. The submarine became a literal and figurative tool for helping journalists shine a light on the reality of what is happening. I hope that my song can be a tool as well, traveling deep but still finding hope in uplifting, melodic moments. As a musician, a big part of my artistry is performing at nightclubs and festivals, and I’m all about bringing emotion to the crowd. With “Submarine”, I use intensity in my music to create a mighty atmosphere that I hope will bring a sense of unity and help people realize that we are in the struggle together and we are not alone. I also hope it makes people want to jump or dance.


Herman Olvik (OLWIK) is a DJ, producer and nationally ranked athlete from Sweden. He grew up playing the viola, piano, drums and guitar, and eventually started producing. His natural production talents quickly shone through with successful original releases, and his unofficial Halsey remix earned recognition from Billboard and paved the way for a deal with Dutch label Spinnin’ Records.

OLWIK’s early sound was one of progressive house, utilizing his love of melodies to create energetic in-your-face productions. He quickly caught the attention of YouTube channels and had his first releases on NCS. In 2015, OLWIK started broadening his scope a little bit, teaming up with house music legend Terri B! for their co-release “Fight No More.” He continued to evolve his sound with house-inspired tracks “Know You Better” and “Baby Can I Hold You,” which utilizes a sample from Tracy Chapman.

OLWIK’s music has been played around the world, including at Tomorrowland, Ultra Miami and EDC Las Vegas while having received track support from Tiësto, Sam Feldt and Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano to name a few.