Buenos Aires, Argentina

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What I aim to express the most in my music is the journey through different emotions in the chapter “The Somali 7.” The music begins with feelings of brightness and hope when Ian arrives in Somalia and ends with a sad defeat when his trip comes to an abrupt close. When reading this chapter, it almost felt like I was there in Somalia. I hope my listeners feel the same sensation when listening to my music.


Luis Mora is a 23-year-old producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. His biggest musical influences come from many genres, but mostly hip-hop. Mora started making music when he was 13 years old, but at the time, it was just like a game for him, making loops and random beats. He stopped from time to time, but four years ago, on December 31, 2015, Mora decided to pursue music as a career, and he hasn’t stopped working on it since.

Mora dropped his first project, the “Analog,” EP the following year in 2016. The second and latest one “Suspendido” was released in 2017.