Jones Meadow


Stockholm, Sweden

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Music is a universal language that speaks to all of us. When combined with music, the message of this particular project becomes both clearer and more attractive for people to learn about. What drew me to the project was the environmental aspect of it. Protecting the environment is something many of us take very seriously here in Sweden, so the project felt like a great opportunity for me to take part in something that could inspire others to take action.

Jones Meadow

Jonas Engdahl was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden, bred from its indie-rock scene and is a bassist at core. Over the years he managed to pick up skills across multiple instruments, however, it was not until late 2017 that Jonas kicked off with producing electronic music. As Jones Meadow, he has managed to build a unique sound that leans to the organic and deeper end of house music, made up by influences from funk, soul, pop, jazz and mbaqanga. Jonas is an up and coming artist with more than 25 million plays on Spotify.