The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

Emiliano Secchi

Troubled Waters

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

The main goal of my music is to convey a feeling of drama and, to a lesser extent, melancholy. I think it conveys the content in the book very well, specifically in the chapter “Sea Slavery.” Imagining the conditions in which the crew members live is really sad. It is even worse to read that there are people forced to work against their will and who are treated as merchandise. This chapter touches on very strong topics, and the fact that it is told by a person, Ian, who experienced this first hand adds an extra layer to the content.

Emiliano Secchi

Emiliano Secchi is an electronic music producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Emiliano started his musical project at the beginning of 2017, but his passion for music came much earlier.

His music went through several stages and genres throughout his short career. Within his productions he has experimented with different subgenres of electronic music: Progressive house, future bass, chillout, future garage, drum and bass, and more.