The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

De Osos

Leave Me By The Ocean & Forget Me There

Mexico City, Mexico

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Since I started reading the book, I was attracted to the story about sea slavery—the story about people who look for work at sea and end up being enslaved. This is a theme that I encompass in the first track “Silence is Core of the Lifestyle at Sea”. After reading of the brutal disenchantment of finding oneself trapped at sea having looked to the deep blue as a means of escape, I hoped to capture this feeling of disillusionment toward the ocean in my music. The ocean, in a way, is a silent enemy that helps foster this disrespect for human rights. The track emcompasses the sensation of being one individual amid the vastness of the ocean—where anything goes.

The Outlaw Ocean is one of those books that takes you out of yourself. Ian navigates readers through intense and raw realities that are so detached from our self-absorbed lives. The sea, before reading this book, always meant for me a desired destination where I could find balance, peace and inspiration in immensity. After reading The Outlaw Ocean, that meaning remains but now I’ve managed to see beyond the sea. I’ve been able to connect to different perspectives of this briny world through the words of Ian. The ocean decides to function with its own rules. With “Leave Me By The Ocean And Forget Me There”, I was trying to express this feeling of confronting a reality that is so raw and unknown. This EP is that, desperation, anger and solitude in a cold dark place. It travels through the fearful tunnels of the mind. But at the same time, within the notes are a touch of hope, a motivation to keep trying and the remembrance of freedom. There is a sense of power that returns to us upon knowing that we will always be owners of our own soul.

De Osos

De Osos is the solo project of Mexico City producer and multi-instrumentalist Arturo Luna – a pseudonym which he has used to explore post-rock and electronic experimentation since 2014.

In 2015 Luna released his debut EP, “Instrucciones Para Dejar,” which put De Osos on the radar of audiences across Mexico. The EP won “Best Experimental Record” at the Indie-O Music Awards, Mexico’s most prestigious independent music awards. Riding high off the success, Luna received an opening bill at Australian producer Ben Frost’s acclaimed Mexico City show, as well as an invitation to perform at the closing reception of Olivier Germain and James Forgeard’s stage-lighting workshop.

In March 2017, Luna unveiled his full-length debut, “Todo el Ruido Entre Nosotros,” and traveled to Austin as a showcasing artist at SXSW.

2017 also saw the release of single “Leve Distorsión en el Aire,” which Remezcla called, “some of the finest transmissions from his journey,” and a remix to the English band, Nordic Giants, of “Together.”

In 2018, Luna was semifinalist in the MIN Awards for “Best International Artist” (Awards from Spain), was part of SXSW for the second year in a row, released an EP called “Titán” and was invited to take part in the Solsticio Music Festival.

2019 was a year full of creation for Luna and, in April, he released the first EP of 4 called “Under These Restless Skies.” 2020 is the year where many new compositions and collaborations are going to see the light.