Boogie Belgique

Lure of Little Voices

Antwerp, Belgium

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“The Scofflaw Fleet” chapter made a big impression on us. The story of the Oyang 70 was heartbreaking and gruesome. To hear about the awful labor conditions, abuses, and low or non-existent wages was surreal and sickening. The ultimate sinking of the ship pulled under by greed couldn’t be more symbolic. 

In our music, we tried to find a balance between hope and hopelessness, as the book does. At times the music is adventurous and mysterious, but at other times it is melancholy and sad. This balance is already an important aspect of our music-making, but with this project, it felt more specific and purposeful because the message of the book lies close to our hearts. The Outlaw Ocean made it very clear that global warming, socio-economic problems, lawlessness at sea, the industrial killing of wildlife and an over-consuming capitalistic model are all very much connected. 

We are honored to participate in this project and hope to make the book even more accessible to a broad public.

Boogie Belgique

Primarily founded in 2012 by the producer Oswald Cromheecke, Boogie Belgique has since grown into a well known independent artist who is making a significant mark on the European trip-hop, hip-hop and the electro-swing scene. With a unique sound that can best be described as a blend of old and new, vintage yet innovative, Boogie Belgique brought their audiovisual show through Europe and Africa. They played next to artists like Bonobo, Mulatu Astatke, Groundation, Fakear, Goldfrapp and Selah Sue. Boogie Belgique’s full album, “Volta,” with captivating songs like, “Every Time” and “Goodnight Moon,” earned Boogie a widespread, loyal fanbase and confirmed their own nostalgic and catchy sound. With their latest EP, “Prelude To Machine,” which enjoyed similar success around the world, they are laying the groundwork for their upcoming full album and live show.