Alec Troniq

Aqua Anomie

Dresden, Germany

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

When it comes to my music, I try to curate an experience that surpasses standard musical conventions. To me, it’s not just about the emotion of a song and what that teaches us. Rather it’s about how you experience the song as you listen to it and let it flow through your body. It’s the DNA of a techno song that, as you move yourself to the beat, allows your mind to drift away and undergo fulfilling moments. I want my music to lead a listener on a journey that allows them to draw their own conclusions about different aspects of The Outlaw Ocean and hopefully open their minds to these issues, just as the book did for me.

Alec Troniq

Ecstatically forging on his huge steamrolling machinery in the factory, Alec Troniq creates sonic antidotes to save the people of Alectropolis — a life raft to survive mankind's self made apocalypse.