Was Fret

Waste Away

Brooklyn, USA

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There has been a big push in the last ten years or so to change the presentation of reporting to make it more effective in communicating information. Journalism has pivoted into video, short form, digestible breakdowns that are easy to share. Because people have become massively overwhelmed by the news, these new methods are simply trying to cut through the noise. But longform, in-depth reporting, like Ian’s, is still the best and most effective way to share a complete picture of any story.

I am excited to partake in this project because I think music, and the arts in general, can be a strong asset to reach an audience, raise awareness and promote strong journalism. I have always been interested in finding new ways to explore music-making, especially ones that push me out of my comfort zone. Like many others, I harbor a lot of anxiety and impotence regarding climate change, so having the opportunity to write music that represents somewhat of a eulogy to the hope I have for the planet’s future has served as a catharsis. It makes me happy that my music can also help monetarily support Ian’s journey, but it’s a shame that journalism is so underfunded nowadays that we have to rely on creative solutions like this to keep it going.

Was Fret

Was Fret is a Boston-born, Brooklyn-based electronic musician and composer. Previously appearing under the alias M.O.O.N., his work has appeared in film, television and video games.