The Outlaw Ocean Music Project


A Void

Los Angeles, California

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

One element of The Outlaw Ocean that really captivated me and that I hope to evoke in my album, “A Void”, is the extreme contrasts when characterizing the ocean. In a way, the ocean represents freedom, hope and adventure. However, contrarily, the ocean can be a punishing and isolating place. It can be desolate, violent and dreadful while still alluring. I want to capture all of those elements for this album and weave them into something that is expansive, chaotic and beautiful.

The stories featured in “Jail Without Bars” painted the picture of these harsh distinctions best. The stories of the stowaways begin with an optimism that is fueled out of necessity and a hope for improving one’s circumstances. These men are willing to gamble everything for the tiniest chance that they might make it ashore in a new country with better opportunity. Inevitably though, they get caught and are either sent home or cast adrift into the ocean to die. The punchline of this chapter that surprised me the most was that if these men survive as a castaway, they will do it all over again. For these men, being a stowaway on another ship is still the only option for bettering their circumstances.


Brian Trifon is the front man for Trifonic, a Los Angeles based electronic act that seamlessly fuses experimental production wizardry with beautiful melodies and traditional song structures to craft music that is simultaneously unexpected and accessible.

Brian began his music career as a guitarist and programmer for famed electronic artist BT. Brian toured nationally with BT and contributed additional music, programming and guitars to several films, TV shows, and to BT’s album “This Binary Universe” (2006).

In 2005 Brian joined forces with his older brother Laurence to create Trifonic. Trifonic dropped its debut album Emergence in 2008, a critically-acclaimed collage of downtempo, dub, IDM, post-rock and ambient music that established Trifonic’s distinctly unique sound. Emergence’s standout track “Parks On Fire” was featured on Hybrid’s compilation album Soundsystem 01 (2008, Nettwerk Records).

In 2012 Trifonic followed up with their sophomore album Ninth Wave, which featured the stand out track “Santa Rosa” which was licensed to the TV show CSI.

Following Ninth Wave, Brian branched out into the world of video game scoring and co-founded the company Finishing Move Inc. where he and his partner Brian Lee White have composed and produced the music for games including “Borderlands 3,” “Crackdown 3,” “Halo Wars 2,” “Massive Chalice,” “Halo Master Chief Collection,” “Anki Overdrive” and many others.