The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

Tom Day


Main Ridge, Australia

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

I grew up and currently live by the southern oceans of Australia, where we often have humpback and southern right whales feeding off the coasts. Because of this, I really resonate with the chapter “Hunting Hunters.” I’ve also been a long time supporter of Sea Shepherd and often visit them when they are docked in Melbourne. It is great to be able to write music with them at the center.

The aim of my EP is to juxtapose one track with the other. I want the song “Sanctuaries,” which represents the protected waters that offer respite for all ocean species, to serve as a lullaby and take the listener underwater to where the animals are untouched and live in peace. “Hunting Hunters” acts as a shift toward the front line battles between the whalers and the Sea Shepherd crew. I’d like to think that this track offers a more ominous tone, representing the plight of whale species around the globe.

Tom Day

Tom Day is a solo artist residing in Main Ridge, Australia and has been creating ambient and electronic music since 2005. Characterised as “effortless and raw,” Tom’s tracks couple elegant beats and piano melodies to an array of personally-collected field recordings, his style alternating between promising swells and restful plateaus.

Having grown up on a farm on the Mornington Peninsula, Tom is strongly influenced by the ocean beaches and natural openness of his hometown. Other influences include cinematic scores by Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, John Barry and John Williams, as well as early electronic artists such as Moby, Daft Punk, Brian Eno and The Chemical Brothers.

The music of Tom Day has been used in independent films and documentaries from around the world, with clients including National Geographic, Volvo, The New York Times, Momondo, Holden, GetUp and Tourism Victoria. Having worked on an array of joint projects with other musicians and visual artists, Tom is deeply drawn to the synthesis of sound and image.

In 2018, Tom launched an ambient and drone side project under the alias sɹoɹɹᴉɯ.