The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

steezy prime


Ithaca, USA

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

When reading The Outlaw Ocean for the first time, I was most moved by my newly learned uncertainty of the open ocean. At first, the ocean seemed to me like a vast and pleasant entity. However, I learned in the book about all of the shady activity that takes place at sea. This removal of the veil is what I want to convey in the music I wrote for the project—the preconceived notion of serenity and the transition to the violent and ugly truth.

My track list opens with “Navigate”, “Glimmer” and “Voyage” which are delicate pieces meant to evoke hope and peace. “Aquatic” follows, picking up the pace and acting as a bridge to the final track, “Storm Warning”. This track features chants of protests, and the listener is exposed to the sinister realities of The Outlaw Ocean. Along the way, excerpts from the reporting are included to set the scene. By the end, I hope the listener takes away the sentiment that there is always more to the ocean’s story than what can be seen from the shore.

steezy prime

steezy prime is a 23-year-old instrumental hip-hop/electronic producer from New York who currently resides in Boston. His jazz roots blend with contemporary synth work to produce his own unique style.