Muddy Waters

Asheville, USA

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

As someone who gravitates towards the mysterious, reading The Outlaw Ocean left me enthralled by this notion of the sea as this sort of “Wild West” and lawless landscape. After reading, I found myself so fascinated by the idea of the undiscovered things that the ocean has to offer that it compelled me to try to imagine what it might really be like.

This thought exercise then helped me chart a course when creating my tracks. I didn’t want to convey only one single emotion in my songs. Rather, I wanted it to be a complex experience that’s partially left up to the listener to interpret it for themselves. One of the incredible powers of instrumental music is how the lack of words allows for freedom to connect with anyone, regardless of native tongue or country of origin. Raw music and noise resonates with everyone differently, and that’s what I like most about it. I hope that my songs that I’ve contributed to this music project have an impact on people’s emotions and memories when it comes to how we view our oceans.


Although he’s had no public appearances or performances, SPEECHLESS continues to gain a very powerful and close bond with his listeners. Powering through the last two years using the internet and social media outlets, he is becoming a common name in the lo-fi community. By broadening his production style with tracks like Approaching Summer, Everlasting Love and his entire Intergalactic album, he proves that his style can reach all areas of music. With no formal musical education or training, he simply makes music from the heart, based on his current mood and where he wants to be mentally. Stepping strongly into emotional experiences through music with fan favorites, such as “Unwanted,” “I've Been Good” and “Keep On Going,” SPEECHLESS knows the daily emotional roller coasters we all deal with and replicates them into musical escapes. With all ends of the spectrum covered, popular singles “Chilled,” “Shangri-La” and “Float” have a happier mindset and give you summer vibes no matter the time of year. He is simply more than an artist, he is creating a legacy.