The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

Sol Rising

Rising Sun

Los Angeles, California

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Music is a platform that can invoke an emotional response, bringing life, a sense of urgency and more awareness to a topic. The idea of combining music and journalism is very innovative and inspired me to join this project. I wanted to push myself as an artist to produce material that was out of my comfort zone and unexpected for my audience. I’m happy that my music can support The Outlaw Ocean Music Project.

Sol Rising

Sol Rising’s original soundscapes evoke feelings of inspiration and bliss through an eclectic mix of electronic music, mid-tempo house, chill-trap, ambient and hip-hop.

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and raised in Fairfield, Iowa, Sol Rising began meditating at age four with a walking mantra technique. His mother took him to visit numerous spiritual teachers, who inspired him on the spiritual path he walks today. As a teenager, he became a hip-hop fanatic. His rooted interest in hip hop led him to learning the art of scratching, which uses turntables as musical instruments. Sol Rising soon became one of America’s top scratch DJs, winning second place at the DMC, the world’s most prestigious DJ competition.

After graduating in the top 5% of his accounting class at the University of Iowa, he realized accounting was not his path. A journey to India illuminated his true calling — to light up people’s awareness of their true nature through music. This led him to study audio engineering and production at Pyramind Studios in San Francisco, CA.

Now a successful Producer/DJ, with over 10 albums released, Sol Rising plays events throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia at festivals such as Wanderlust, Burning Man, Symbiosis and Lightning in a Bottle. Sol Rising has licensed music for Academy Award-winning director Paolo Sorrentino’s film “Loro” as well as Apple, Clarks Shoes, and U.S. Polo. He has also been featured in major media outlets including Yoga Journal and The Washington Post.