Los Angeles, USA

Lost at Sea


Behind the Music

One idea and emotion in The Outlaw Ocean that I really gravitated toward was the feeling of hopelessness and discouragement brought about by the crimes that happen at sea. As such I wanted my music to express a depressive desperation - the kind of feeling that comes with being stuck between a rock and a hard place, but “the rock and hard place” is ocean pollution and human rights violations.

About Shrimpnose

Shrimpnose walks the line between hope and dejection. Over the last 100 years he has devoted himself to creating a visceral, jagged audio landscape to whisk listeners through the emotions of life — from high to low, and everything in between. To Shrimpnose, the imperfect defines beauty, and his dissonant guitar and loose percussion emulate that. Shrimp has been releasing his fractured, analog soundscapes independently and with Los Angeles label, Dome of Doom.

The Journalism behind the Music

All music in this project is based on The Outlaw Ocean, a New York Times Best-Selling book by Ian Urbina that chronicles lawlessness at sea around the world. This reporting touches on a diversity of abuses ranging from illegal and overfishing, arms trafficking at sea, human slavery, gun running, intentional dumping, murder of stowaways, thievery of ships and other topics.

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