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Shanti People


Kyiv, Ukraine

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

The topics of slavery and poaching break my heart, and it is hard to imagine that these subjects remain relevant even in the 21st century. Ian’s journalistic work shocks its audience, and makes them realize that this world is both heaven and hell. I respect Ian and his team because by bringing awareness to the issues at sea, they create hope for change.

For us, this project does not serve only a commercial goal. Ian is doing great work, and if a portion of the earnings from our music helps to fund his reporting, that makes us very happy. We hope our music can enhance the emotional appeal of the stories, and help people better understand the important topics.

Shanti People

Shanti People is a music band that mixes EDM (electronic dance music) with Vedic Mantras.

Shanti People already have played at various World festivals (Ozora, Sunburn Festival, Summer Never Ends, Trimurti, FourЭ, GogolFest, Ultra Vague, Kvammanga, Veda Life, Inne Brzmienia, Radhadesh Summer Holi Festival, Hedonism, Another Land, Xperience Festival, etc.) as well as solo live shows in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, India and more.

Shanti People are all about experimenting, and the latest result of those experiments is collaboration with electronic artists such as ​Vini Vici (track ”Karma”), Reality Test (track “Passion”), Droplex (track “​Mahishasura Mardini”​) and Blazy​ &​ Gottinari (track “Tandava”​). Thanks to those collabs and other DJs playing their remixes, Uma’s voice plays at the biggest open-air festivals of the world.

Currently the band is working on a new EDM program and releasing more ”FEATs” with world-known electronic artists and solo tracks in such genres as trance, drum ‘n’ bass, trip-hop, house and more.

“Mantras do not only eliminate the worries and bring the peacefulness to the mind and heart, but also help to comprehend the nature of the consciousness, which is the most important thing in the practice of self-realization. In our music we express our knowledge though the common language of electronic music. We are happy that we can share this treasure with our audience,” said Uma, the vocalist for Shanti People.