Some Adhesion

Yosemite, USA

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

All it took was reading the first few chapters of The Outlaw Ocean to get me to want to commit to this project. The concept and execution of the book is all very interesting and respectable to me. I find myself inspired by Ian and immensely respect his dedication to tell the story of those who conduct their business at sea. As such, I want my music to contribute to the narrative Ian has created. I want my music to create a calming feeling that also generates a robustness that inspires a listener to think, as I did while reading the book.


Shamana is a musician based out of Cleveland, Ohio. He is well-known for his deep, warm, bass-heavy otherworldly sounds that are reshaping the genre of hip-hop as well as other genres. Little is known about who shamana truly is, but his music pushes nostalgia and modernism into a nonchalant, yet heavy vibe, done like no other.