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Behind the Music

While the first chapter of The Outlaw Ocean was my favorite, I have to say that all of the chapters and characters in the book resonated with me. I couldn’t put my book down when reading about the chasing of The Thunder. I found myself being moved by the story of the young boy showing off his hand with only three fingers, and I was so fascinated by the chapter on Sealand that I ended up researching it a bit myself.

Journalism like this is so important to me because it sheds light on topics myself and others wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. Information and knowledge is power and having it be so easily accessible in beautifully written books like The Outlaw Ocean is a privilege. 

In my opinion, art rarely ever alerts the public to topics the same way journalism does. Rather, art has mostly been used to express opinions and feelings. However, The Outlaw Ocean Music Project is unique in that it works tangentially with the book to draw attention to the issues while also offering us musicians a platform to explore the emotions behind these stories. 

I’m extremely grateful to Ian for having the courage to report on these issues and for allowing me to be part of the storytelling. You don’t find many projects like this, and I feel so fortunate to be part of it. I hope listeners and readers alike will experience this book and these stories through all the platforms afforded to them.

About SCayos

SCayos is a pianist, music producer and composer. He started producing after listening to other music producers in seventh grade. Shortly after starting producing, his focus went on composition and piano as he knew the fundamentals would help me produce better in the future. He currently studies composition and piano at the Interlochen Centre for the Arts. He has been playing piano for about 12 years now and he has been producing for about four. He started releasing music as SCayos at the start of 2019, and he recently started another artist project called B9, where he uploads compositions instead of the beat-centric profile, SCayos.

The Journalism behind the Music

All music in this project is based on The Outlaw Ocean, a New York Times Best-Selling book by Ian Urbina that chronicles lawlessness at sea around the world. This reporting touches on a diversity of abuses ranging from illegal and overfishing, arms trafficking at sea, human slavery, gun running, intentional dumping, murder of stowaways, thievery of ships and other topics.

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