Los Angeles, USA

Arctic Night


Behind the Music

The ocean is a giant mystery, one that Ian has begun to unravel and show to the rest of the world through his reporting. Reading The Outlaw Ocean, specifically “The Next Frontier,”  truly inspired me to become more aware of the current situation with our oceans. This chapter taught me so much about the protection of coral reefs and the deep sea, as well as how important it is to conserve them. 

There are still so many secrets to the sea left for Ian and others to uncover. That unknown was something I really wanted to convey in my music — every track inspired by certain moments or visualized scenes I had while reading Ian’s book.

About ocha

ocha is a musician from Los Angeles who makes art, posts speed paints and their own music among other fun stuff.

The Journalism behind the Music

All music in this project is based on The Outlaw Ocean, a New York Times Best-Selling book by Ian Urbina that chronicles lawlessness at sea around the world. This reporting touches on a diversity of abuses ranging from illegal and overfishing, arms trafficking at sea, human slavery, gun running, intentional dumping, murder of stowaways, thievery of ships and other topics.

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