No Wake

Berlin, Germany

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Music has the power to bring humans together and break down all kinds of barriers, such as those of language, culture and race. As a universal language of emotions, music is a vehicle of communication across the world. With such an important and urgent journalistic task at hand, I am excited that my music can combine tones with Ian’s words, helping to support and spread his message.

I have the deepest respect for Ian, who has courageously decided to raise awareness about this important issue. It is easy to look away from urgent matters, to live life in comfort and let others take care of the uncomfortable topics. But privilege comes with a responsibility to change the world for the better. Supporting people like Ian is an honor, and the opportunity to help him in the pursuit of justice is what keeps me motivated in this project.

We all have a responsibility to give back what we can to society. I think art and music, which are not bound by restrictions or specific sets of rules, are the most universal tools to do this. Isn’t it absolutely fascinating to see how music can do so much more than just simply entertain? For me, it is. I hope that Ian will have all the means necessary to continue his journey, and I am pleased to use my music to support him along the way.


A nomad of modern times, who has travelled the continents with his music, Nu is as diverse in his musical styles as he is well travelled.

Taking influences from his various homes, the producer and trained sound engineer branched out into various genres. Through a 10 year-long musical journey Nu then found his true calling: instrumentals amalgamated with his electronic production all held together through solid rhythms.