Distant, Quiet Waters

Edinburgh, UK

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Music helps communicate different points and stories by adding emotional value and weight to whatever it is presenting. Musicians are talented at presenting stories, emotions and ideas. So, mixing music with urgent global issues can be powerful and effective. I have never seen music and journalism mixed together, and I’d certainly never seen it done around the topics of piracy, murder, illegal fishing, hijacking and pollution at sea. Despite the fact that two-thirds of our planet is covered in water, these issues are often overlooked. I’m proud to be involved in a project that is the first of its kind. I want to see more like it!


Idealism is an outlet for Lassi Kotamaki’s placid, instrumental hip-hop tracks. The independent Finnish producer’s material plays out at a leisurely pace, typically colored with uncomplicated piano melodies and steady, softened beats accented by ambient environmental elements. He started playing drums as a youngster and added piano to his repertoire shortly before he made his recorded debut. Active with streaming and commercial download releases since the mid-2010s, Kotamaki has issued several stray tracks, including the Jinsang collaboration “Winter Bokeh” (2016), along with the EPs “Rainy Evening” (2016), “Hiraeth,” “Amaranthine” and “Nobody Else,” the latter three of which were scattered across 2017.