The Outlaw Ocean Music Project


Crash Zone

Stockholm, Sweden

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Instead of limiting myself to a specific chapter, I decided to choose a theme to inspire my EP. I want the EP to tell a story, with a beginning and an end.

One thing that particularly spoke to me was the time spent on ships alone with one’s thoughts, as Ian explains in the chapter ‘Adelaide’s Voyage’: ‘I thought about the quiet I’d found on ships. Sitting sometimes for hours wordlessly staring at the sea opened space for voices in my head that I typically did not hear or ever allow myself to engage for very long.’

Instinctively, I felt an urge to fill these quiet moments with music, but the music first requires a feeling of intensity to appreciate these quiet moments. That is why I decided to lead the EP with the track “Crash Zone”, representing the intense beginning. The tension in the track is inspired by the scene in the chapter in which Bearden and Gomperts debate the risks of beating the waves before they take off. The track “Twelve Miles” relates to the three-hour trip to the invisible border in ‘Adelaide’s Voyage.’ The last track of the EP, “Fear,” represents Ian’s nerve-wracking trip to the airport in the chapter ‘The Somali 7.’ It starts off with an atmosphere resembling the nerve-wracking holding pattern in Somalia and ends on a more cheerful note, representing the feeling of relief when arriving at the airport.


In a constantly changing industry often defined by trends, Hosini stands apart from the crowd with his timeless and meticulously detailed breed of deep melodic house. A kind, humble and hardworking individual, his passion for music runs parallel to his thirst for knowledge, and both with a highly respectable level of success. With releases on Anjunadeep, Laut & Luise, XYZ and Shanti Radio Moscow, Hosini’s quality in the studio has prevailed throughout the last couple years. With sights set on upcoming EPs with Do Not Sit on the Furniture and Anjunadeep, and a debut of his live set, Hosini is set for an enigmatic 2020.