Melbourne, Australia

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The one-of-a-kind nature of this project was a major pull for me to get involved with The Outlaw Ocean Music Project. The idea of blending journalism with music strikes me as incredibly innovative and, as such, I wanted to let the content of the book be the sole inspiration in procuring emotions. These then transformed into chords and timbres. Given that this project is built on the basis of marrying music with journalism, and especially given the powerful role of music in people’s reception and assimilation of information, I wanted to recreate that vision with my music software.


Herzeloyde’s music is a truly evocative reflection of the natural world, visceral as it is picturesque and forever evolving. An innovative and experimental approach to production, Herzeloyde’s extensive discography showcases an eclectic blend of numerous styles, effortlessly traversed with a singular uniqueness that truly pushes the boundaries of what electronic music can stand for. Continuously challenging expectations, Herzeloyde’s unmistakable sound has allowed the young Australian to garner support from an equally diverse array of artists such as Noisia, Mr. Carmack, A-Trak and many more. With tracks signed to labels like Fool’s Gold, onelove and Island Records, airplay on triple J, Soulection Radio and BBC 1xtra, to uploads on TheSoundYouNeed and Majestic Casual, Herzeloyde is poised to continue his unrelenting rise into 2020 and beyond.