The Outlaw Ocean Music Project


Blurred Horizons

North Yorkshire, England

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Reading the hardships of Lang Long as he fought through enslavement in the “Sea Slavery” chapter was difficult, especially when it came to discussions of how much he was worth as a human and the graphic details he shared of being shackled on board the ship. I can only begin to fathom the feelings of isolation, disorientation, and vulnerability experienced by migrant workers trapped on a vessel, especially considering it is likely their first time at sea. I can’t imagine the feelings of helplessness they must go through, to not have control over their own lives.

I want my music to reflect that same helplessness and fear felt when you find yourself in an unknown and clandestine place, with no idea of when you might return to the familiarity of home. When creating my music for the music project, I don’t want to evoke specific emotions so much as a soundscape with a certain gravitas that reflects the seriousness of stories in The Outlaw Ocean. I used the sounds provided by The Outlaw Ocean project to accomplish this and set the tone for each piece.


Inspired by artists such as J Dilla, Flying Lotus and Madlib, Handbook began producing music in his bedroom in 2010, working solely with an MPC1000 and a MicroKORG.

He began to build a following after sharing his music on SoundCloud and in late 2010 Handbook released his debut EP on Grappa Frisbee Records, the first in a string of successful albums and EPs he has released, notably “All The Time,” “Titanomachy” and “Botanicals.”

Handbook’s signature sound is comprised of soulful samples, thick bass lines and layered instrumental flourishes.

Regular collaborators include Supreme Sol, RKZ, Jetpack Jones and many more talented individuals.