The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

Gill Chang

No Oceans Unturned

Los Angeles, USA

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

I want my music to convey a more serious tone to reflect the consequences of lawlessness at sea. I want my music to complement the book’s darker, melancholy moods. Interestingly, however, the chapter that resonated with me the most was “The Rusty Kingdom.” This chapter’s central topic of one family declaring its own country in the sea, Sealand, was in itself silly and playful, which I appreciate. The chapter highlights the absurdity of the issue while revealing the various social and economic consequences that arise when no legal authority exists to police these sorts of stories. 

Because this book opened my eyes to the “anything goes” mindset of The Outlaw Ocean, I want each of my tracks in the EP to mirror the desire for more awareness and enforcement in international waters.  

Gill Chang

Born and raised in Taiwan, Gill Chang is a dynamic producer who first gained a strong following on SoundCloud. His main influences include future bass, trap and lo-fi, but his music transcends genres.

Gill gained popularity with his bootleg remixes of Chainsmokers’s “Closer” and Flume’s “Never Be Like You,” which have hit over 5 million and 1 million streams, respectively. In 2016, Gill landed an interview with Skrillex-owned NestHQ, which resulted in a minimax that was featured on their network. Since switching gears to create independent releases, he has created popular singles like “Story” and two albums, “Turn Back Time” and “popcorn problems!” Chang’s independent releases have been supported by popular music tastemakers such as MrSuicideSheep, Run The Trap, Earmilk and Indie shuffle. He’s worked with various music labels, including found/red, College Music and Knight Vision. He has also established himself in the music industry by crafting sample packs on that consistently rank within the top ten most downloaded packs. His sample pack in collaboration with josh pan charted the #1 pack for five straight weeks. He is currently based in Los Angeles.