The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

Fish Go Deep

Stand Our Ground

Cork, Ireland

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

The Outlaw Ocean generates a wide range of emotions within us: anger at the human and environmental abuses and helplessness at the scale of the problems at sea, but also hope and motivation to get involved. The combination of emotions inspired the album titled, “Stand Our Ground,” because we believe a worthy cause is never hopeless if there are people willing to fight for it. 

The image of Lang Long shackled by the neck in the chapter “Sea Slavery” seemed like something from a much earlier century that is both shocking and depressing. This chapter is extremely powerful and eye-opening. As consumers, we generally don’t give a crap where our food and goods come from, how they’re made or what harm is caused in their production. To see that supply chain of human misery described in such a matter of fact way— it is impossible not to rail at the system and our own complicity in it.  

We typically aim for our music to stand on its own without the need of background knowledge or context on sources of inspiration. However, we believe that this project definitely needs that context. We are happy if our music prompts listeners to read the stories in The Outlaw Ocean that inspired each track.

Fish Go Deep

Greg Dowling and Shane Johnson have been playing records in their hometown of Cork for more than twenty years. Throughout the 1990s, their residency at the city’s legendary Sir Henry’s introduced a generation of Irish clubbers to house music and played host to some of the biggest names on the underground circuit.

In late 2005, their own Go Deep imprint got off to a flying start when the first release, “The Cure and the Cause,” with vocalist Tracey K, was licensed by U.K. house giant Defected and became a huge club and chart hit.

Since then they have released more than two dozen EPs on Go Deep, Ork and other labels and have remixed a wide variety of house luminaries – Kerri Chandler, Alton Miller, Audio Soul Project, Charles Webster and Jamie Anderson feat. K-Alexi, among others.

In 2012, the duo released their second album, “Draw The Line,” to widespread acclaim and worldwide radio and club support. “So Far So Deep Volume One,” a compilation of Fish Go Deep productions and remixes, followed in 2014, and further releases and remixes have appeared on labels such as Freerange and Atjazz Music Company in recent years.

In 2017, their Large Music release, “Baby Tell Me,” finished the year as one of the top ten deep house sellers on the influential Traxsource download store.

Since then, Greg and Shane have put out a further two EPs on Large Music, alongside releases for Seasons, Nite Grooves, Nordic Trax, Swedish Brandy and Be Adult.