Fancy Mike

Cedar Rapids, USA



Behind the Music

Being a part of this project has been one of the highlights of my musical career, for sure. The project is an interesting blend of two very different types of media, and since this is the first time I’ve heard of something like this being done, I am curious to see how it is received and the kind of response it generates.

I read a lot of articles about what is going on in the world. It’s kind of impossible not to anymore. While I knew that certain things occur out in the open sea, I had no idea of the specifics. Reading Ian’s book, watching him speak and scouring the articles he has written on the topic was not only insightful, but it also instilled in me an urge to participate and get involved immediately. Although I am nowhere near as involved as Ian or anyone else on the front line, I appreciate being given the opportunity to use my music to raise awareness on such an important issue.

The music component is as much a part of this project as the writing. After all, it was Ian’s idea to incorporate a sonic element. If the music can help generate funds to extend the life of the project, then that’s great, especially since it’s hard to acquire funding for something that not many people know about yet.

Fancy Mike
About Fancy Mike

Fancy Mike primarily creates synth-based electronic music. His discography is a sonic journey of his last 25 years of beat making. It shows his talents in the various forms of house, dub, hip-hop and even spaced out pop. His sound is a mix of rare vintage synths, analog-driven tape machines and lo-fi compositional film music stylings. With an array of influences that ranges from Brian Eno and Philip Glass, to Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, Mike is known to frequently collaborate with other like-minded artists.

The Journalism behind the Music

All music in this project is based on The Outlaw Ocean, a New York Times Best-Selling book by Ian Urbina that chronicles lawlessness at sea around the world. This reporting touches on a diversity of abuses ranging from illegal and overfishing, arms trafficking at sea, human slavery, gun running, intentional dumping, murder of stowaways, thievery of ships and other topics.

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