Death to the Ocean

Ovilla, USA

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Music can express a different type of emotion than writing can, pushing the overall goal that the writer has in mind a bit further. It can also help tell a different perspective of the writer’s experiences. We were so excited when Ian hit us up — we were on board from the moment he asked us to be a part of the project. The fact that he is willing to go out and risk his life to shed light on this subject speaks volumes to us, and we would love to help spread his reporting.

We are inspired by the opportunity to speak up against the illegal activities happening at sea and to express a story that we support and feel strongly about. Plus, Ian’s experiences on this journey are fascinating.


DREVM, one of the most unique and sinister groups in the beat community, has been paving the way for lo-fi, experimental bass and halftime DnB. The twins from the Dallas area have made a name for themselves creating some of the most evil and cinematic beats that the boys have aptly named “lodeath” or “deathcore.” They have specialized in dark trappy percussion, gritty & distorted 808’s and spooky vocal sampling from past generations to create a horror vibe like no other. Their sound has garnered support from legends like Moody Good, NastyNasty, Bleep Bloop, and others in the experimental beat community. However, DREVM has a softer side, offering emotional lo-fi pieces made from creative sampling and nostalgic melodies that are beloved in the lo-fi scene. Due to these tracks their Spotify has garnered around 15 million + plays and have received placements in multiple official Spotify editorial playlists including “Lo-Fi Beats,” “Chill Lofi Study Beats,” “Tender” and more. Combining the sounds of these old school hip-hop beats and dark halftime bass lines creates a new niche in the electronic scene that looks to gain popularity in 2020 and beyond.