The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

Doctor Flake

Breaking the Wave

Annecy, France

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Through The Outlaw Ocean, I have discovered a universe that I had never paid attention to before. Several moments in the book disturb me, but one in particular stands out — the crime scene in “Armed and Dangerous.” Without the video that captured the crime, the case would have remained silent, making you wonder how many crimes take place without anyone knowing. Although there seems to be a sense of omertà when it comes to slavery, human trafficking, illegal drilling, illegal fisihing and murders in international waters, Ian Urbina’s work breaks the silence and sheds light on what is happening.

In the track “Oyang,” I want to reflect the injustices that the woman and her family face with the sinking of the vessel operated by the Sajo Oyang Corporation. I use Zhonghu, a Chinese instrument, to evoke a melancholy feeling. Additionally, I take a dub approach to reflect the desperation of people trapped in modern day slavery. “SSS Pursuit” is a faster-paced song that illustrates the pursuit of a ship in the chapter “The Somali 7.” I synchronize the beginning of the track with the Morse Code and throughout, try to create suspense to keep listeners on tenterhooks. I hope my songs will create awareness and help the book gain the exposure it deserves.

Doctor Flake

Jean Marie Leger’s alias Doctor Flake is a French musician and beatmaker. The famous Lavoisier‘s principle, “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed” becomes with Doctor Flake, “Nothing is lost, everything is to be created, so let’s transform!”

For a dozen years, Flake has been using the audio inheritance (the music, the cinema, the radio, poetry, the environment) to find the samples and textures which will feed an unusual creative process. This hip-hop reasoning based on sampling has always stimulated the artist and sealed the heart of his music: a dark, referenced downtempo in the general sense of the word, an alternation of instrumentals and sung or rapped pieces.