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Los Angeles, USA

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

Ian’s reporting has opened our eyes to the tragedies of the sea, such as the rampant larceny spotlighted in ‘Raiders of Lost Arks.’ It astounds us that stealing someone else’s boat—their livelihood—can happen with such flippancy and in such a short period of time. And that only scratches the surface. There’s so much more that happens on The Outlaw Ocean.

Similar to Ian’s ability to reveal the wealth of problems within international waters to his readers, we want to convey the hardships of the sea and the bravery of some to restore peace to our listeners. Our songs convey feelings of acute peril as well as wonder and hope so as to take our audience on a journey to The Outlaw Ocean.


Ernest and Kevin, known as the “BloodThinnerz,” are a music duo founded in 2011 from the Los Angeles area. Together they have curated a powerful, in-your-face type of bass music, taking influence directly from the world around them. It is that raw sound which has garnered the support of listeners around the world, and allowed them to tear the speakers in key markets such as North America, Europe, Australia and Japan. The BloodThinnerz are fueled by passion, and will continue to develop their sound into new heights, until the speakers go out.