Blake Skowron


Chicago, USA

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When I think about The Outlaw Ocean, my mind immediately envisions an ungoverned territory rife with discord and plagued by issues such as whaling and illegal fishing. That’s primarily what I was expecting to read upon starting Ian’s book. I never thought abortion would be part of the story of the seas until I read ‘Adelaide’s Voyage.’ The stories of women utilizing the lawlessness of the ocean to get abortions because their home countries wouldn’t allow it especially resonated with me given that I believe women should have the choice of abortion.

As I continued to read Ian’s book, I felt influences from the book bleeding into the creation of my tracks. Just how ‘Adelaide’s Voyage’ broke from the expected, I wanted to take a different approach with my music by creating a sense of development with my songs. Starting off with a lighter note, I tried to make the mood shift with the sounds of each track to take the listener from one emotion to maybe a handful of them. Reading The Outlaw Ocean is a journey, and I wanted listeners to experience a voyage while listening to my record.

Blake Skowron

Unlike most from his region, Blake Skowron is a young producer who has deviated from the foundations of electronic music solely created in Chicago — exploring sounds from all over the world and fusing them into states all his own.