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bad tuner

Operational Interference

Brooklyn, USA

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The chapter “Jail Without Bars,” really drew me in, focusing on the logistics and stories of stowaways, and showing me how desperate people are to find better lives. Not only did the stowaways face perilous conditions while hiding on the ships, but if caught, they were thrown overboard. The details of David Mndowla’s journey remind me of how fortunate I am and how complex international law is regarding immigration.

I want my music to be a vehicle for the people and narratives of Ian’s interviews. Using audio clips from Ian’s reporting, I was able to extract the emotion of a moment and create a sonic world for it to live in. I chopped up the sounds of Ian’s footage and combined them with synthesizers and drums, a means of collaging the soundscape of The Outlaw Ocean. This soundtrack hopes to convey the complex relationship between humankind and the ocean.

bad tuner

How does music transcend the chasm between fiction and reality?

bad tuner, or Jozef Sergei Dimitrov, was born an orphan in Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. At age 12, he was adopted by a young Russian couple and moved to Moscow where he became an apprentice in a radio repair shop. His interest in AM and FM radio transmission led him to write his first recordings at age 16. A few years later, he was under investigation by the Russian police for incorporating confidential radio communications into his all night DJ sets. In 2016, Dimitrov renounced his Russian citizenship after being caught creating counterfeit IDs and moved to the United States. Jozef currently resides in Brooklyn, NY studying acoustic theory and time harmonic equations under renowned audio scientist, Agathe Alt. это выдумка.

Stepping into the NYC dance scene in 2018, bad tuner has captivated the attention of global underground house audiences. With releases on Kitsuné and TOKiMONSTA’s “Young Art,” his music has garnered millions of plays. He has had playlist support from New Music Friday, Chill Tracks and countless other tastemaker playlists. After opening up for Ghostly International artist, Beacon, he joined TOKiMONSTA on her national Young Art Tour in 2019. Это факт.