The Outlaw Ocean Music Project



Cardiff, Wales

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

On the first page of the first chapter of The Outlaw Ocean, I was thrown into a reality that I think is hidden for many people but very much exists on the high seas. You read about human trafficking, poachers and other types of ocean-related crime in the newspaper. However, short segments of the news can never cover the full picture. What Ian has done in The Outlaw Ocean is quite remarkable, showing us what life at sea actually looks like. To tie in the journey that readers take in The Outlaw Ocean, I want my music to express a feeling of going somewhere. I want to nurture my music’s tendency to include movement since traveling out to sea requires both physical and mental displacement. Hopefully I can express such feelings in this project through the use of inspiring reporting footage. The sounds Ian recorded on the vessels from the book is a prominent feature in driving these tracks forward.


Music has always been a part of Avenza. Avenza played piano and sang as a kid, which naturally transitioned into writing his own music. Avenza is not entirely clear on why his tracks sound the way they do. He just makes what comes to mind.