The Outlaw Ocean Music Project



Leeds, England

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

I’ve heard about Paddy Roy Bates and his pirate radio in passing, but reading about his story in the chapter ‘A Rusty Kingdom’ has given me a deeper and more intimate connection with him. The image of Roy claiming the “windswept hulk” of a ship is a source of inspiration for “The Voyager,” the first track on my EP.

Overall I want my music to capture the essence of the ocean and what I associate with it. “The Voyager” sets a tone of adventure and determination, while “Understand” conveys the labor and monotony one might experience while being on the high seas. “Tempestuous” deals with the danger of the ocean, as well as the courage a seafarer must often have. By contrast, “Lemuria” and “Facade” are meant to inspire a sense of tranquility and excitement in the adventure the ocean can hold.


Athena is a 20-year-old music producer from Leeds, United Kingdom. Growing up in a rough area like athena did, it’s easy to become a “product of your environment,” but the people around athena as well as the internet kept him grounded enough to not get drawn in or carried away with the streets. His experiences during his youth elevated him enough to where he could understand the harsher things in the world around him. Sound has always had a profound effect on athena, so becoming a music producer felt natural. He creates music through perception analysis and processes rather than through feeling or creativity, so everything athena makes directly correlates with what is around him or what source material (if any) he decides to use. This gives athena’s music a unique feel whilst still sounding true to herself. Athena doesn’t describe himself as an emotional person, so music allows him to experiment and create emotion based on things around him. One of the main reasons music and media is so important to athena.