Ocean Deep

Brighton, UK

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

I like to meld tones of light and dark in my music, so similarly, I found myself gravitating towards the contrasting themes of terror and hope present in The Outlaw Ocean. One splash of light was in the chapter, ‘A Rusty Kingdom.’ I felt that the story of a man who in a sense conquers an old anti-aircraft platform and creates the small ‘micro-country’ of Sealand was endearing. It reminded me of home, Great Britain, in a way.

When creating my tracks for this project, I decided to maintain my standard style of clashing light and dark sounds. I extracted some more dark and sinister ambient sounds and layered them into the background of some slightly serene music, thus creating three tracks that I think are an interesting auditory experience for listeners.


AOTOA is the alter-ego of U.K. funk/soul producer Flevans and is an outlet for his more dance / electronica / house influences. AOTOA’s debut album was released in 2015, taking in a number of different U.K. dance music styles and adding a lo-fi musical sensibility, the album had a very unique sonic template.  Following a bit of a hiatus, 2020 sees AOTOA return to the studio and as well as The Outlaw Ocean project, and there are a number of really exciting EP and single releases scheduled. Watch this space.