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Essenheim, Germany

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Behind the MusicArtist Bio

We are so fascinated with every aspect of The Outlaw Ocean. The depth and rigor of Ian’s reporting and storytelling in the book inspires us to create musical pieces that captures the same breadth. From melancholic tones to more aggressively jarring sounds, and ending with a balm of soothing tunes, we want to translate the emotion-stirring words of the book into equally stimulating sounds.


In just over two years, Germany’s 2pole have captured the attention of the scene’s biggest names with their hard-hitting take on melodic techno.

With a debut EP on Christian Smith’s Tronic, the story of 2pole began, and took off like a rocket. Their sound has been honed by a combined 40 years of studio experience, resulting in expertly crafted music that tells a story while igniting the dance floor. It’s also lit up the charts — their March 2018 single “Atom” on Tronic landed in Beatport’s Top 4 Techno charts, and had serious support from names like Adam Beyer, Tale Of Us, Pan-Pot, Matador, Sister Bliss of Faithless, and Cirez D. In May 2018, they scored another massive hit with “Alone” feat. Ursula Rucker on Coyu’s Suara.

Previously, 2pole had successful solo careers as Broombeck & Mark Deutsche, releasing hit techno tracks like “The Clapper“ and “Mono Turn” on labels like Terminal M, Elevate, Get Physical, Noir Music, Octopus, Last Night On Earth, Systematic, and more. As 2pole, they’ve taken their energetic style to Barcelona’s Off Week, ADE, as well as Pratersauna in Vienna, Eden Ibiza, Suma Beach in Istanbul, and Ritter Butzke in Berlin.

Clearly, the 2pole story has only just begun.